Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Pattern

It is something I have come to call the "Double Boy Legacy". Kathi, Kristi, Roni, and Justin all had two boys born in a row. Also, my mother had two boys in a row; and even Caleb's mom had two boys in a row, three times! And now I am another step in that legacy. I am about 5 months along with another boy, Gideon's little brother. I am hoping to get a midwife soon, but that is a problem that leads to the next topic...
Another pattern we are following is moving to Montana. :P Caleb is taking an EMT intermediate class here in Cedar City, and afterward he is planning to move back to Great Falls to get an EMT job there. He says there are far more EMT opportunities in Montana than in Utah.
We are not sure whether to get a midwife here in Utah, or wait til we go back to Montana. They charge the same amount in either place, but that price includes all check-ups and delivery. We're not sure yet where we will be delivering this baby.
That's all that is new with us. Over and out.