Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Another One Bites The Dust

Well well well. Here we are again. Yesterday we moved back into the in-laws'. We tried that other house and ranch job for about 3 weeks and it didn't work out. The ranch manager who hired Caleb was a pretty nice guy, and he quit shortly after we moved in. He said the owners of the ranch were unprofessional, dishonest people. It turned out to be true.
Caleb and I are disappointed, but at least we didn't get all the way moved in. We got all our stuff out in one day. I am not surprised. This seems to be the trend of our lives. In the 3 years we've been married, we've moved about 8 times. Ridiculous. Frankly I think it's a sign that we should try out a living in Utah. Caleb said he wouldn't do that unless he got a direct message from God, haha. Either everyone in Montana are total jerks, or there's something wrong with Caleb and I. We just can't catch a break.