Friday, February 27, 2009

Hip Hip Hooray!

Guess what you'z guyz! Caleb got a job this morning! He will be working at a ranch in Montague, Montana, which is about a 45 minute drive from here. There's a joke about Montana distances; you don't measure in miles, you measure in the time between towns. So it is two towns from here. I thank The Lord for helping us out of a rough spot. As you may or may not know, Caleb had no work and no money, and we owe everyone some dough.
It will be nice to have a new house, and some peace. But I'm also a little stressed because there will be no in-laws to take the baby for a while. It will be all me. Egads! We will be in the middle of nowhere again.
Speaking of the baby, we did have a late baby shower. We got a bunch of 1-2 year old clothes, and a few toys. Gid still doesn't have a bed of his own or a playpen and such. He can roll around like crazy now, and can stay sitting up by himself. He's pretty vocal and grabby, he loves to death-grip my face and bite my chin with all his might. It's hilariously painful.
Caleb has been trying to sell his car and his giant tv for a while, with no luck. Ah shucks. And for some reason my left knee has been killing me for a few days! It hurts to walk or bend it or straighten it. In fact it hurts right now sitting down. It feels like it got smashed with a sledge hammer but I don't remember hurting it at all.
Well I hope this ranch job and new house work out better than all the other experiences we've had. I am happy and skeptical because we've been treated like crap too many times. Let's see what happens!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Are You Asking For A Challenge?!

Bah. That photo contest was a dumb idea. I'm already losing interest in that train wreck. Anyway, I was noticing that very few people seem to read and/or comment on my blog. Hey I know it's nothing to get excited about, but at least pretend to be interested in my stagnant life here. This is close to the only connection I have with the fam anymore. Fam, what a weird word. It sounds too pop culturey. I'll stick with 'family' from now on.
I'll get to a point here. This blog stuff has been more fun to browse around and read other people's stuff than to write my own. I came across relatives that I even forgot I had! It's neat and depressing at the same time. I get to thinking "When was the last time I saw them?" "When will I ever see them again?" and "Yowza, they're married with kids?!" I feel so lonely nowadays. I miss road trips and family reunions and 7 hour drives in the car to California or Phoenix. Sheesh, I only get to Utah about once a year to see my own parents anymore, heaven only knows when I will see my cousins again.
So to my cousins that I used to hang out with, I will try to talk to you more often. If nothing else, I will try to hunt down your e-mail addresses. I need all the long-distance friends I can get, 'cause making friends here in Montana is never gonna happen. But this has to be a two-way thing; you have to talk back to me! (I'm looking at you, Courtney! I commented you on myspace and never heard back!)
Well to everyone, I'm not the coolest family member to talk to, but I just might be the most desperate. My e-mail is to anyone who will accept my challenge!