Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Man oh man. I can't sleep right now, it's 3:30 in the am. I wish I could cause I'm so tired. Gideon makes sure to wake me up at least 5 times each night. Right now he's in the bed, rolling around and bothering Caleb. Gideon does this thing where he'll be perfectly quiet and then start screaming loud for no reason in his sleep... scares the puke out of me every time.
Gid has a tooth! And he's so grumpy about it. I've read that it's not really possible at such a young age, but he is a very spoiled baby. He whines about EVERYthing. He'll cry if someone is near him but not paying him enough attention. Or if someone he likes leaves the room. Or if you have food he wants, if you don't pick him up when he wants, if the solar system is not aligned the way he wants, if the dust in the room is not arranged the way he wants. You get the picture. Speaking of dust, a few weeks ago he did this hilarious thing in the car. The sun was shining so you could see all the little dust specks flying around and it entranced him. He started gingerly reaching for each one and slowly trying to grasp his little fist around it. But I digress...
Hey do you'z guyz remember my friend Allison from years ago? She told me this week that she is pregnant! My reaction to that news was...mixed. If you know Allison, your's will be too.
I miss Cedar City. What a cute town. Caleb thinks it's a dump for some reason. I was looking at photos of it online and it makes me so sad and homesick. I wish I had a teleporter so I could visit there every day. I'm depressed and hungry. I wish I could fall asleep. Even if I fell asleep right now, the baby would wake me up in a few minutes. I might as well never go to bed again, it's useless to try and get a good amount of sleep.
I think I've rambled on enough.


The Panero Family said...

Hang in there. I have been trying to get Tristan to fall asleep at night and he has been crying in his room for about and hour and a half. I feel so bad but when I go into make sure he is okay (about every 15 minutes) he immediately stops crying-too smart for his own good.
P.S.Cedar City is a cute town.

Mostly Broken said...

I would rather live in a dump then a hole. In a dump there is lots to do and look at, in a hole there is just the feeling that you can't get out.