Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Oh Em Jee

Man oh man I can't believe I still had this blog rotting in a corner, forgotten. I will do a quick and lazy update.
Gideon turned one in August. He can do all sorts of things; walk, dance, say a few choice words, throw stuff, slap me in the face...
He is tons o' fun and I love him a lot. He gets shuffled around on weekdays as my sisters watch him for me in the mornings so I can go to work. They say they love watching him, so I hope that's true.
Oh duh, I forgot the biggest thing. We are living in Cedar City now, for anyone that didn't already know that. We're mooching off of my mom and living in her house! A grown, married couple with a baby, moving back in with my, uh, unusual mother. "living the dream" as I like to say.
Caleb works at Sears and is taking an EMT training course at SUU three nights a week. And two nights a week he goes to the gym to try and make valid that membership I told him not to sign up for. So I don't see him a whole lot.
I work at the Hogi Yogi for my lovely sister Shasta and her dashing husband Jesse. I am there about 3-4 hours a day making 300 or so lunches for spoiled kids at some school in Enoch. Awesome.
I am home a lot with the Gid, but I am a lousy homemaker. Susan is hardly ever around and Caleb is well, not any help. Gideon is a fantastic mess-maker. Plus I am pretty lazy I guess. Better get off my duff and go clean something.


Kathi said...

I am glad to see that you finally remembered that you had a blog! So did you get anything cleaned. I bet your sisters are lying. J/K I love watching short legs.

Mostly Broken said...

good ol onion or giddy up onion as he is known in some circles. wish i was livin the dream. good times good times