Friday, October 8, 2010

The New Guy

I think almost everyone knows by now, but I will blog it anyway. I had my baby boy on September 26th, at our house in Highwood Montana. (again. Yes, we moved back here) Everything went fine. In total, it was about 7 hours of labor and 2 minutes of pushing. (Gideon was 24 hours of labor!) It was a really busy day.
Caleb was not even out of bed to get ready for work yet. I came into the bedroom around 9:30 and said he might not go in to work today, I think today might be the day! He didn't quite agree, but when I stood up from his side of the bed, my water broke! My contractions started a while later. We called the midwife and she drove out to the boonies here in Highwood. It was a rapid bout of labor; in my last hour I dilated 3 centimeters and started pushing! It was insanely painful and fast, though it felt like forever.
Victor Thomas O'Leary was born at 4:44pm, 8 lbs 7 oz, 21 inches. :)

On another note, my Mom is here visiting for a week. She drove up from Utah to pretty much clean my house for me. Also, she has fixed my dishwasher and bought me groceries. She's so swell. Gideon loves the new baby. He acts like every time he sees Victor is the first. "Ah! Baby! Is he so tute? Yeah he's tute." He loves to pet Victor's head and rub his face on his head too.
I was hoping to make up some birth announcements this week, but our printer is not working. So I don't know if that will ever happen. Oh poo. Now all that's left is to post some photos of him. Here I go.


Kristi said...

oh he is so beautiful. i love his little new guy!

Kristi said...

You should do another family photo, now that you have vto.